Ukraine… The name literally means “borderland.”  The country has been oppressed by foreign invaders for hundreds of years.  Now that it has its own independence and cultural identity, things haven’t much improved.

The country struggles with vast unemployment, poverty, alcoholism and a damaged economy.  Many of its people are miserable, hungry and poor.

And yet there is hope.

In the city of Zhytomyr life is springing up through the work of two ministries that seek to bring justice to the oppressed and marginalized.  Orphans, widows, the disabled… People that have long been deprived of their rights are finally being given the love, care and attention they deserve.

Do you want to see what true hope looks like in the midst of intense darkness?  Read on…

In the summer of 2010, Barry and his team of summer interns went to Zhytomyr for a two-month long cultural immersion experience.  Together they saw the clash of hope and injustice in the lives of orphans, widows and the disabled.

All four left with a profound new understanding of just how powerful God’s kingdom can be…

“A Turn of the Page” – Articles by Barry Rodriguez

During his time in Zhytomyr, Barry re-visited many of the people and locations he wrote about during his first stay. It’s clear that God is not finished with Ukraine!

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“Something New” – Articles by Lauren Schneider

While in Ukraine, Lauren worked with the crisis pregnancy ministry of Mission to Ukraine.  She saw God working in some incredible new ways.

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“Loving Community” – Articles by Chris Cambell

Chris spent his time in Zhytomyr working with Last Bell, a ministry that teaches graduated orphans what it means to be loved by God and by a family.

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“The Choice” – Articles by Krystallin Baker

Krystallin worked with Mission to Ukraine’s ministry to disabled children. By witnessing simple acts of love, she was blown away by God’s love.

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The Romaniv Disabled Boys Orphanage... a place where hope is beating back the darkness!

In April of 2009, Barry visited Mission to Ukraine for the first time.  The trip was an unbelievable reminder of the power of the kingdom of God and left him stunned at the simplicity of a ministry that loves the most neglected and disregarded people in their community… the disabled.

In an unexpected turn of events, he absolutely fell in love with a place that absolutely broke his heart…

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