Tumaini Clinics is a non-denominational Christian Health Organization that was started as a ministry of Nairobi Chapel. The first clinic was in Korogocho slum, in the north east corner of Nairobi, Kenya in 1997. A second was started in 1999 in Kibera.

Tumaini Clinics set up and run medical services in slums to provide the much needed physical well being to people who would not otherwise access these services. They believe in treating each person with VIP care because they matter to God – receiving and treating them with dignity and respect.

The Kibera clinic sees about 400 patients a month and services include out-patient consultations, laboratory testing services and pharmacy dispensary. It is their goal to add immunization and VCT services, along with mother & child healthcare to the clinic. Additionally, they run a feeding center out of the clinics.

To be the light of Jesus Christ that brings hope to people living in slum areas around Nairobi.

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Get Involved

Tumaini Clinics aims to serve people wonderfully. Although their fees are very low, some people still struggle to pay. Every donation helps – regular giving or one-time donations are needed. Email to find out ways you can give!

Interested in learning more or getting involved with Tumaini Clinics? Contact them for tours or volunteer opportunities at the clinic!

“Adopt-a-Mama” is a new program intended to help increase funding for the maternity ward. For $60 a month, you can fund a woman’s birthing expenses, from prenatal care to post-birth immunizations. Contact the clinic’s executive officer, Ceri Njuguna, for info & payment options.

Tumaini Morning Devotions

During the day shift, employees start the day with devotions and singing, which includes a cappella harmonies Stephen said, “I likely won’t hear again this side of heaven!”


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