Truthseekers International is a non-profit organization that focuses on the movement of peoples (caste groups, people groups, etc.) away from caste and toward Truth. Truthseekers strives to resurrect the elements of India’s past and connect them to the worldview of the Kingdom of God, bringing these things to the people.


A Christ-Centered reconciliation movement committed to spiritual and social freedom for India’s oppressed.

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Your donation can benefit programs like Bible translation, the Truthseekers Center, Discipleship Project, women’s outreach & empowerment & leadership development. To make a financial donation, click here.

You can join Truthseekers in one of their bi-annual Footwashing trips in India. You can learn more about the trip in the video below or find out more information, including dates and costs, here.

Footwashing Trips

Truthseekers organizes two footwashing trips each year. Watch the video below to see how you can help change the world – one foot at a time!


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