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How the Two Halves of a Broken World Can Be Made Whole

Come hear Brad Miller, traveling photojournalist for World Next Door Magazine, speak passionately on the broken relationship between the developed and developing world, and how we can make things different.

Drawing from years of experience living and working alongside native Christ-followers in their struggle against global injustice, Brad weaves stories and humor into a poignant picture of hope in the midst of the darkest circumstances.

Hear a bold vision presented of two halves of a broken world coming together, not as savior and saved, but as equals each entrusted with an essential part of God’s plan to redeem the world.

Be encouraged, be inspired, and find out how YOUR brokenness can be part of the world’s healing.


The Details


Brad Miller

Brad Miller

• Mini-seminar designed for a casual evening. Can also be used over a lunch or dinner if host prefers.
• Total time for event, 1-2 hours
• Cost of attendance: $5
• Choice of event length: 1 or 2 hours
• Choice of local and global topics: human trafficking & slavery, domestic poverty & nutrition, women’s education & empowerment, or global poverty & microenterprise

What we need

• Space to hold event
• Permission to advertise event
• If outside Indiana: host family for overnight stay, travel costs split between all area hosts
• Small space at venue for WND booth

What hosts get

• Inspiring message to compel and connect their people to effective, sustainable, and dignifying projects
• Option of one-on-one meetings with WND staff to discuss in detail how we can continue to work together to foster greater Kingdom involvement
• Option to be listed as a priority contact — the first to receive news of future opportunities and events, including our upcoming conference




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Want to help?

Don’t have a host site, but still want WND to come to you community? Email Brad Miller to find out how you can be an area advocate.