Tostan believes development is most effective and sustainable when brought about by communities themselves. Through this community-led approach to social change, they see their role as a facilitator – to share resources, skills, and knowledge that will empower communities to set their own goals and create change on their own terms.

Through their holistic, human rights-based education programs, and other projects, Tostan ignites community dialogue on a wide range of topics including democracy, human rights, hygiene and health and problem-solving, as well as provide training in literacy, numeracy and project management skills.


To empower African communities to bring about sustainable development and positive social transformation based on respect for human rights.

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Get Involved

By donating to Tostan, you support their comprehensive education programs and broader community-led development in vital areas like health, democracy, literacy and economic empowerment. Make an online donation or consider some of their more creative ways to give.

Volunteers have give their time and talents to reinforce the capacity of staff, and to support projects in the communities where Tostan works. Get involved with Tostan by completing an application to volunteer here and view available placement options.

Be a catalyst for positive social change in your community by joining Tostan in hosting a fundraiser or event. It is a great way to share their work with others while making an impact in the communities in East and West Africa. Click here for event ideas and more details.

Empowered Women Take Charge of Freedom

Take a look at how Tostan celebrated International Women’s Day!


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