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The Family Fruit Trees: Kenya, Summer 2011

Posted Aug 18 in Trip Recaps by 1 Comment

My time in Kenya reminded me that I have family throughout the world.

Change From Within

Posted Aug 12 in Articles by 4 Comments

Malaria, typhoid and yellow fever are like common colds to them. Yet they still find the ability to treat every patient like a VIP…

Photo Gallery: Realities

Posted Aug 10 in Photos by 4 Comments

While bellies may not always be full, people find help through that interdependence.

Food Poisoned by a Free Lunch

Posted Jul 28 in Articles by 7 Comments

It seems like every time I turn around, I’m hearing about how much someone needs.

This Little Light of Mine

Posted Jul 15 in Articles by 6 Comments

Criminals own the night here, and no one is immune.

The Difference of a Day

Posted Jul 04 in Articles by 12 Comments

With little more than a solemn expression, Winnie gave me a healthy dose of reality, and to my surprise, I was long overdue.

A Dirty Indictment

Posted Jun 23 in Articles by 17 Comments

She caressed their heads. She spoke tenderly to them. She picked them up and inspected their sores. There wasn’t pity in her eyes. There was loving kindness.

Faith in the Land of Lions

Posted Jun 17 in Articles by 10 Comments

These are folks who embody the call to be God’s eyes, ears, hands and feet here on earth…

Never the Same

Posted Jun 09 in News by 13 Comments

Our third summer internship is underway, and I know we’ll never be the same!