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Standing By

Posted Jul 25 in Articles by 2 Comments

Sometimes, staying on the sidelines is exactly the right thing to do.

The Guatemala Issue!

Posted Jul 23 in News by No Comments

See how God is breaking the cycle of poverty in rural Guatemala through World Next Door’s newest partner ministry, Saber y Gracia!

Why don’t I cry?

Posted Jul 01 in Articles by 4 Comments

Walking through Kibera Slum is sensory overload. Why didn’t it make me want to break down and weep?

Jesus in the Slums

Posted Jun 26 in Articles by 2 Comments

It’s hard to love both comfort and Jesus at the same time.

Stripped of Innocence

Posted Jun 23 in Articles by 10 Comments

How friendships on the streets of Nairobi are overcoming the power of gangs and drugs

Speaking Tour!

Posted Jun 18 in News by 1 Comment

Amazing stories, inspiring anecdotes, and the truth of how Poverty + Poverty = Wealth

No Going Back

Posted Jun 17 in Articles by 4 Comments

How a terrible two week missions trip to Guatemala turned into a passionate life-long calling

The Most Unreached People Group… is in YOUR church

Posted Jun 04 in Articles, Travel Journals by 3 Comments

In every city, in every continent, in every church, and on no-one’s mind…


Posted Jun 02 in Articles by 3 Comments

How a man with nothing to be thankful for taught me the true meaning of gratitude

The Coca-Cola Conundrum

Posted May 27 in Travel Journals by 8 Comments

How Hollywood taught me a lesson about humility