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A Simple Moment

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Although our internship has come to an end, the journey has just begun!

Welcome Home: South Africa, Summer 2012

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A small community of powerful love exists here in the path of wreckage left by disease and injustice…

Too Broken for Human Compassion

Posted Aug 02 in Articles by 4 Comments

This place is not only for raising children, but for healing them.

A Common Calling

Posted Jul 26 in Articles by 2 Comments

See how “common gifts” are being used in radical ways…

Culture Guide: Party Like a Zulu

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See what it looks like to celebrate life in the Zulu culture…

Gettin’ Stuff Done

Posted Jul 13 in Travel Journals by 4 Comments

When the only thing certain is uncertainty, just how flexible are you?

Time Flies

Posted Jul 09 in Articles by 1 Comment

Ever wonder what feeding exotic birds, fighting bush fires and driving a car named Cornelius have in common?

That’s Not Her Story

Posted Jul 06 in Articles by 4 Comments

As powerful as her story is, you’ll be equally compelled by what her story is not

Photo Gallery: Makaphutu at a Glance

Posted Jun 28 in Photos by 7 Comments

Anyone get a child ready today? Imagine getting everything done… 38 times!

Wasted Tears

Posted Jun 22 in Travel Journals by 15 Comments

Laura’s last WND assignment – and now she’s hesitant?