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Photo Gallery: The HIV Positive Experience

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What if there were a Holocaust museum during the Holocaust?

A Simple Moment

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Although our internship has come to an end, the journey has just begun!

Welcome Home: South Africa, Summer 2012

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A small community of powerful love exists here in the path of wreckage left by disease and injustice…

People, Not Projects: South Africa, Summer 2012

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These people are driven by a passion to see the community function in the way God designed it…

25,001 Lives: South Africa, Summer 2012

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These young leaders are literally changing the world!

Tragedy to Victory: South Africa, Summer 2012

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This is a place where the kingdom of God is moving forcibly into the world.

Photo Gallery: History Makers

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Check out the History Makers as they truly are making history

Go, Therefore

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World changers here need world changers out there…

An Unlikely Rebel

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What happens when a common struggle is met with an uncommon response?

Culture Guide: I Came, I Stalled, I Conquered

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I knew my time here on planet Earth could be drawing to a close. This was how I was going to go…by a little red car.