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Anchored in Action: India, Winter 2012

Posted Mar 29 in Trip Recaps by 1 Comment

While many hardships and injustices persist in this country, plenty of people are out there making a difference and transforming the world around them.

Real Love Ain’t Pretty

Posted Mar 28 in Articles by 10 Comments

More often than not, real love can be found in the smallest deeds and hidden places…

Love of the Father

Posted Mar 20 in Articles by 4 Comments

Babli’s eyes always beam, just as any other proud dad’s should. They radiate the unconditional Love we’re all privileged to share…

A Motley Crew

Posted Dec 05 in Articles by 9 Comments

There were clean faces and dirty, combed hair and disheveled. There were designer clothes and tattered. This…this is the body of Christ.