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Just Lovely: Guatemala, Spring 2012

Posted Jun 08 in Trip Recaps by 2 Comments

The Guatemala City dump has made my short list of most beautiful places I’ve ever experienced.

Culture Guide: Kakik

Posted Jun 05 in Culture Guides by No Comments

What trip would be complete without a little local cuisine? Join Laura as she learns to make a traditional Guatemalan soup with some of the Potter’s House Treasures!

Photo Gallery: Learn and Share

Posted Jun 04 in Photos by 2 Comments

From hair cutting to beading to entrepreneurship, the women at Potter’s House are learning! Check out some photos of what empowering the Guatemala City dump community looks like…

Body and Spirit

Posted Jun 01 in Articles by 2 Comments

The trash, the stench, the dust—it’s not the ideal place for a medical clinic. But then again, scavenging in a dump isn’t an ideal living condition.

Photo Gallery: Tiny Treasures

Posted May 30 in Photos by No Comments

Meet some of the littlest Treasures – the focus of the Potter’s House mission.


Posted May 28 in Articles by 6 Comments

With every lunch, band aid and tutoring session, they learn they are worthy of love.

With Hesitant Steps

Posted May 25 in Articles by 3 Comments

Discomfort of any sort may not seem inviting, but I think it’s the most precious invitation we receive. We must go there—even if with hesitant steps. Beautiful things are waiting.

Treasure in the Darkest Places

Posted May 23 in Articles by 21 Comments

The garbage dump doesn’t just permeate the streets—it’s personified in the daily struggles of the people who call this place home.