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Between Reputation and Reality: Jordan, Fall 2011

Posted Dec 21 in Trip Recaps by 2 Comments

Read why words like “hope” and “justice” belong in our discussions about the Middle East…

Education in Place of Shame

Posted Dec 19 in Articles by 3 Comments

The Holy Land Institute for the Deaf may look like just a school, but it’s combating harsh perceptions of disability in Jordan…

To Cover or Not To Cover?

Posted Dec 12 in Travel Journals by 11 Comments

The hijab is normal attire for women in Jordan. Read about my frustrating experiences as the fashion minority in a foreign land…

Photo Gallery: What a Wheelchair Can Do

Posted Dec 02 in Photos by 16 Comments

See the combined efforts of Global Hope and Joni and Friends to overcome the stigma of disability here in Jordan.

Culture Guide: 40 Bites

Posted Nov 30 in Culture Guides by 10 Comments

The secret to making friends in Jordan: eat what you are offered, even when it hurts!

Shwei Shwei

Posted Nov 29 in Articles by 6 Comments

Read why shwei shwei (slowly slowly) is the way Global Hope approaches relationships and development in Jordan…

Photo Gallery: More than Goats

Posted Nov 18 in Photos by 2 Comments

Global Hope Network is reaching far out into the villages of Jordan to partner with local leaders for development. Learn more about the simple but promising tool GHNI is using…

What Can’t Be Said

Posted Nov 14 in Travel Journals by 6 Comments

I’m in the Kingdom of Jordan, where faith, government and social justice collide—read how people here are rising to the challenge.