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Each Weary Traveler: Mexico, Spring 2012

Posted May 16 in Trip Recaps by 2 Comments

At the root of this very complicated “immigration situation” are individuals. And in this time, when immigration is causing so many debates and ideological differences, our understanding of what our neighbors are experiencing is critical.

Photo Gallery: Where Does Your Coffee Come From?

Posted May 14 in Photos by No Comments

Follow coffee from Salvador Urbina, Chiapas all the way to the United States!

Consume with a Conscience

Posted May 11 in Articles by 1 Comment

This is where being a responsible consumer can support the economies of poor communities, keep families together and maybe even save lives. This is what it means to drink Just Coffee…

An Unexpected Homecoming

Posted May 09 in Articles by 3 Comments

I’ve watched dozens of migrants embark on this journey home, but this is the first time I’ve seen what it looks like to arrive.

I Hope this Bus Goes to Mexico City

Posted May 07 in Travel Journals by 11 Comments

Why use a plane when a bus can (sort of) get you there in 48 hours?

Social Justice in a Cup

Posted May 04 in Articles by 7 Comments

“As I write this, I’m enjoying my morning coffee, and I’m not just enjoying it because it tastes good…”

Photo Gallery: An Ugly Journey

Posted May 02 in Photos by 2 Comments

Take a walk along the border and get a glimpse of what many migrants experience in their journey from Mexico to the U.S. …

I Called My Mom

Posted Apr 30 in Articles by 5 Comments

It’s hard to look a young woman in the eye who has just risked everything to gain opportunities I was born with.

Blistered but not Broken

Posted Apr 27 in Articles by 6 Comments

People arrive here caught in the middle of much larger issues than what the Migrant Center and its volunteers can address alone, but at least in this place they can provide some relief to the travelers.

Go and Do Likewise

Posted Apr 18 in Articles by 12 Comments

What if instead of, “A man was going down from Jerusalem to Jericho,” Jesus started with, “A man was going down from Tucson to Mexico City.”