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Why don’t I cry?

Posted Jul 01 in Articles by 4 Comments

Walking through Kibera Slum is sensory overload. Why didn’t it make me want to break down and weep?

From the Magazine: The Sapling

Posted Oct 29 in Articles by No Comments

Mud puddles, cattle rustlers, and a country on the brink of change

Never Far Away: Indianapolis, Winter 2013

Posted Feb 22 in Trip Recaps by 3 Comments

At Shepherd, hope is never far away.


Posted Feb 19 in Articles by 2 Comments

I’ve never felt this broken about an injustice, or this hopeful.

Photo Gallery: Where the Food Goes …

Posted Feb 13 in Photos by No Comments

Where do all those donations go?

An Invisible Battle

Posted Feb 08 in Articles by No Comments

A disease I never knew existed and a people I had never been taught to love.

Time and Money

Posted Jan 30 in Articles by 5 Comments

I never expected Indianapolis to resemble a South African slum.

Getting By

Posted Jan 23 in Articles by 2 Comments

Breakfast looks beautiful after a day using food stamps.

Getting Started

Posted Jan 18 in Articles by 4 Comments

How a 13-minute bus ride ruined my day and re-started my mission.

Photo Gallery: A Reason to Smile

Posted Jul 23 in Photos by 7 Comments

A typical Wednesday at Karura turns into an impromptu photo shoot