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Meet Nehemiah Vision Ministries

Posted Jul 28 in Partner Ministries by 1 Comment

Brad spent a month in Haiti with this incredible organization, and now we’re bringing it to you.

Best of 2010! #7

Posted Feb 11 in Articles by No Comments

Our number 7 article from 2010… One at a Time!

Hope for a New Year: Haiti, Winter 2010

Posted Feb 03 in Trip Recaps by 1 Comment

Even after a devastating 2010, the Haitian people can still find hope…

Photo Gallery: The Other Haiti

Posted Jan 28 in Photos by 5 Comments

We’ve all seen pictures that depict Haiti’s problems, but there’s another side to the story.

A Different Kind of Hero

Posted Jan 26 in Articles by No Comments

Even now that I am home, I remember the Haitians I met who are still sacrificing for their people.

Surprised by Joy

Posted Dec 17 in Articles by 2 Comments

I have been surprised to find joy amidst the sadness and death of a cholera ward.

Photo Gallery: Speechless

Posted Dec 06 in Photos by 7 Comments

My first few days in Ebenezer Clinic’s cholera treatment unit left me too stunned to write, but awestruck by the heart of the clinic and its staff in the face of crisis.

Change From Within

Posted Nov 28 in Articles by 2 Comments

Like the grass on once trampled ground, Haiti now has a chance to grow.

Uncertain Plans

Posted Nov 21 in Travel Journals by 4 Comments

Who knew that it could be more nerve-wracking to visit your country’s backyard than to move to the other side of the world?


Posted Sep 27 in Articles by 8 Comments

Can a despairing teenage mother learn to care for her neglected infant? Absolutely…