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Pushing Ahead

Posted Apr 07 in Travel Journals by 12 Comments

Although their first four months have been rough, God is using the Elliotts in some amazing ways!

World Next Door Uncut – Episode 9

Posted Apr 05 in Videos by 4 Comments

In this episode, meet the sponsored child that completely stole my heart!

Photo Gallery: The One Thing

Posted Apr 03 in Photos by 2 Comments

Nehemiah Vision Ministries needs just one thing to break the cycle of poverty in Chambrun…

Jumping In

Posted Apr 01 in Articles by 8 Comments

I have never seen such a small gift mean so much…

Amazing Growth

Posted Mar 30 in Articles by 9 Comments

The village of Chambrun is being transformed… and you and I can be a part of it!

Back to Haiti!

Posted Mar 27 in Travel Journals by 2 Comments

It’s time to catch up with our friends and partners in Port-au-Prince!

Best of 2010! #6

Posted Feb 12 in Articles by 3 Comments

And our number 6 article… Photo Gallery: Finding a Way!

Best of 2010! #7

Posted Feb 11 in Articles by No Comments

Our number 7 article from 2010… One at a Time!

Best of 2010! #9

Posted Feb 09 in Articles by No Comments

Number 9 from 2010… Downtown!

Hope for a New Year: Haiti, Winter 2010

Posted Feb 03 in Trip Recaps by 1 Comment

Even after a devastating 2010, the Haitian people can still find hope…