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Occupational Therapy Rocks!

Posted Nov 26 in Articles by 1 Comment

What defines you?

Radiant Joy

Posted Oct 31 in Travel Journals by 2 Comments

Walking into the military hospital…would we be welcomed?

Legends Made Real, Ukraine Fall 2012

Posted Dec 10 in Trip Recaps by 2 Comments

World-changing faith is no longer just a legend to me…

Hopeless No More: Ukraine, Fall 2012

Posted Dec 07 in Trip Recaps by 2 Comments

I’d argue that Zhytomyr is full of “thin places.” Take a look to see why.

Video: Romaniv – A Day in the Life

Posted Dec 03 in Videos by 3 Comments

A glimpse into everyday life for the boys at Romaniv Orphanage…

Video: Tanya’s Story

Posted Nov 27 in Videos by 3 Comments

Meet a young woman whose changed life is now changing others…

Photo Gallery: An “Average” Day

Posted Nov 26 in Photos by 1 Comment

Wow, is there anything they DON’T do?

Bittersweet: Part IV

Posted Nov 22 in Articles by 2 Comments

It seems like Yura is all about love these days…

Bittersweet: Part III

Posted Nov 21 in Articles by 1 Comment

How MTU is bringing the wider world to boys who have seen very little of it…

Bittersweet: Part II

Posted Nov 20 in Articles by 4 Comments

The journey from neglect to nurture has begun!