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A Chance at Life: Panama, Fall 2009

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Hiking through the jungle, climbing mountains… My trip to Panama was amazing. And what I learned there changed my perspective on the world.

The Aqueduct

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On a trip to a remote jungle village, I learned a valuable lesson about social justice…


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After facing hunger, exhaustion, pain and thirst in Panama, I learned a lot about the true meaning of comfort…


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After seeing a hut wreathed in smoke, I discovered a surprising new injustice in the mountains of Panama…

Photo Gallery: The Hike

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What seemed like a challenging adventure to me was simply a part of everyday life for the villagers we met along the way…

Fruitless Land

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In the once fertile ground of Panama, farmers struggle to grow crops and starve. One organization seeks to change all that…

The Harvest

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By harvesting rice with my host family in Panama, my whole perspective on food began to change…

Photo Gallery: Starting Over

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In a land devastated by deforestation, a new generation of children is working to undo the past…

A Land of Extremes

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From the filthy rich to the desperately poor, Panama is a country full of disparity…