In South Africa, the mixing of worlds is much like oil and water.  One minute, you see an ATM at a massive urban shopping mall.  The next minute, you are standing in a rural Zulu township.

But the wild dichotomies of South Africa carry far deeper consequences.  In a country that boasts “the tallest water slide in Africa” and “the southern hemisphere’s largest shopping mall,” there is also the greatest number of people living with HIV/AIDS in the world.

The same country that hosted the 2010 soccer World Cup also counts its annual AIDS deaths in the hundreds of thousands. Why is HIV/AIDS so prevalent in the richest African nation?  How could there be such an enormous gap between the rich and poor?  And, most importantly, what is being done about it?

In the summer of 2012, Barry, Laura and our fourth team of WND interns lived in South Africa for two months, embedded in the AIDS epicenter of the world with the amazing partner ministries of Loving South Africa.

Follow along with the WND summer intern team and see how lives are being transformed, orphans are being loved and widows are receiving care. Meet the leaders who have dedicated their lives to expanding the kingdom of God in the AIDS epicenter of the world.

“Tragedy to Victory” – Articles by Brad Miller

Brad spent his summer at Lily of the Valley, a children’s village. While he came expecting to be challenged by the tragedies the children and staff face – he was instead challenged by their victories.

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“25,001 Lives” – Articles by Jen Gunnels

Jen spent her summer with World Changers Academy. As this organization celebrates its 10th anniversary, they celebrate the more than 25,000 lives that have been changed by Life Skills and leadership programs throughout the province of Kwazulu-Natal. See how Jen’s was added to that number.

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“Welcome Home” – Articles by Laura Stump

Laura worked with the orphans of Makaphutu and experienced a community of powerful love in the midst of wreckage left by disease and injustice. She saw how the staff does more than just meet the basic needs of vulnerable children – they welcome them home.

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“People, Not Projects” – Articles by Tyler Perrott

Tyler spent his summer in the middle of kwaNyuswa, where he was able to see first-hand a glimpse of how devastating AIDS has been to everyone in the community.  He partnered alongside Light Providers as they worked with eight-year-olds on the soccer field all the way through the sixty-five-year-old grannie on her grandparenting skills.

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