Sewa Ashram is a rehabilitation center for the destitute and a community of the poor in northern India. “Sewa” is a Hindi word which means ‘the practice of selfless service’; “Ashram” means ‘spiritual community’.

Based on compassion and focused on restoring dignity while giving love and health care, patients admitted to Sewa Ashram contribute to the daily life of the community by helping to care for each other. Additionally, recovered patients are encouraged to participate in vocational programs.

Sewa Ashram’s goal is to provide the sick, injured and abandoned homeless of Delhi with life-saving medical treatment in an environment of brotherhood and learning.

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Get Involved

Sewa Ashram welcomes people who want to contribute to the day-to-day adventure of running a community of the poor. Given the nature of the work, volunteers above 25 years of age are preferred and a commitment of for at least six months is desired. To find out more about volunteer needs and how you can put your skills to use, click here.

Sewa Ashram depends on donations to fulfill their mission of caring for the sick and destitute. Consider making a donation to share with their community of the poor.

Community of the Poor

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