On May 9, 2015 we hosted a one of a kind event. We flew in leaders from 6 of our world-changing global partner ministries to teach us about their perspective on the kingdom of God.

Topics covered included caring for the poor and marginalized, leadership in a developing world context, international partnerships and the local Church, and taking short term trips that do more good than harm. This was a unique opportunity to “flip the script” and have grassroots international leaders speaking into our community. It was phenomenal!

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Our visiting partner ministry leaders were:

  • Pranjal Torde (Truthseekers International: New Delhi, India) – Pranjal has been an up and coming leader with Truthseekers for several years. He is a passionate and charismatic man with a deep heart for the freedom of India’s lower-caste and outcast people. With a profound spiritual authority and a strong prophetic voice, his ministry has already touched the lives of thousands.
  • Fred Faradays Ogutu (Tumaini Church: Nairobi, Kenya) – Pastor Fred sacrificed his health, his finances, and his future when he chose to move into Kibera Slum to minister to the hurting people in that community. As the pastor of Tumaini Church and headmaster of their elementary school, The Hope Academy, Fred daily pours out his life for the sake of his neighbors. His quiet insight and visionary perspective is an inspiration to the many young men and women he mentors in the slum, and their lives have changed forever because of him.
  • Ira Venglovska (Mission to Ukraine: Zhytomyr, Ukraine) – Ira is one of a kind. Her soft-spoken personality belies the deep authority she carries through her job as the Executive Director of Mission to Ukraine. With a strong administrative mind and an unheard of level of perseverance, she has led MTU from a tiny non-profit into an internationally recognized disability and crisis pregnancy ministry, now becoming the gold standard for similar organizations in Eastern Europe.
  • Esperandieu Pierre (Nehemiah Vision Ministries, Chambrun, Haiti) – For the last decade, Pastor Pierre has poured himself out for the people of Haiti. Growing up in poverty, but receiving an international education, he has dedicated his life to breaking the cycle of poverty in his home country. Part non-profit director, part pastor, part community leader, Pierre will stop at nothing to see the lives of Haitians transformed and the gospel of Jesus Christ spread. His ministry now reaches thousands of families, and continues to grow every year.
  • Rudi Pineda (Saber y Gracia: Santo Tomas Milpas Altas, Guatemala) – A man of deep faith, Rudi has chosen to live a life solely dependent on the provision of God. He has followed the lead of the Holy Spirit to begin a thriving elementary, middle, and high school program for the children in his village, and recently founded a church as an outreach to these children’s entire families. His passion for youth comes through in every conversation, and God has used his leadership to change the course of an entire community.
  • Josiah Haken (New York City Relief: Elizabeth, New Jersey) – Josiah is a much sought after leader and friend here in Indianapolis. As the Director of Outreach for New York City Relief, Josiah has helped many visitors experience urban ministry for the first time. His radical transparency and authenticity has inspired and compelled many to more fully engage with God’s kingdom, and his dedication to loving the poor and marginalized on the streets of New York City has transformed the lives of many.