Nehemiah Vision Ministries is accomplishing so much: food programs, schooling, clinics, leadership training, clean water, agriculture… the list goes on. Their dedication is going to transform Haiti through a new generation of local Haitian leaders.

If you want to help support the ongoing transformation in Haiti, you can donate here.


More than donations, Nehemiah Vision Ministries is looking for partners. Come on a short-term trip to support their long-term efforts here. If you come with a humble heart and open hands, you WILL experience life change.

Small Group

Come with your family, community group, or youth group! A great way to learn and grow as a group, it is a potentially life-changing experience for all involved.

Individuals & Couples

Don’t have a group to go with, but want to get involved? Don’t worry! There are still plenty of ways to get involved. Contact NVM about your interest and they’ll help you find the best time to serve.

Service Teams

NVM regularly hosts medical teams, building teams, dental groups, agricultural advisors, and all ranges of skilled professionals. If you are interested in partnering with NVM in a professional capacity, check out their email below.

Important Tip!

If you want to truly make it an amazing trip, DON’T plan a project or agenda beforehand. Instead, call NVM and ask, “How can we best serve you and your staff?” Then stand back and get ready to be amazed. When we give Christ room to work, He does amazing things!

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