A Proverb in Creole…
…is worth two in English

Photos by Brad Miller

Haitian Creole is known for its many, many proverbs. It seems there’s a wise saying to do with just about everything, from the humorous to the profound, to the scholarly and the non sequitur. Here are a few highlights.

BAM-6180 small
Sak vid pa kanp. : An empty sack can’t stand up.

Kote y’ap plimen kòdenn, poul pa ri. : When they pluck turkeys, chickens do not laugh.

Sonje lapli ki leve mayi ou. : Remember the rain that made your corn grow.

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Dèyè mon gen mon. : Behind the mountains, there are mountains.

Sòt pa touye-w, men li fè ou swe. : Stupid does not kill you, but it makes you sweat.

Se pa lè moun ap neye pou montre’l naje. : Don’t wait for someone to drown before showing them how to swim.

Chemen bezwen pa janm long. : The road to need is never too long.