A new way to celebrate the resurrection of Christ

by Brad Miller

Long before sunrise, a small procession begins winding through the villages surrounding NVM. People dancing and singing praise songs march behind a truck packed with speakers. As the column of worship passes, Christians rise from their homes to join.


By the time the sun starts to rise, a crowd has formed, and the parade has made its way onto the main road. Some members take to dancing or waving branches in the air. Children run around. Everyone is in fine clothing for the big event.


By the time the parade makes the final turn toward NVM, there’s a huge crowd singing and dancing, praising God and celebrating Christ’s victory. The parade culminates in a passionate outdoor worship service and a blessing from Pastor Pierre. The program closes with a passion play, a first for NVM and well received by the community.


After many nights of Vodou drums echoing over the hills to celebrate Christ’s death and defeat, Easter in the streets is a powerful statement and declaration of victory.


Christ is risen! He is risen indeed!