Booyah, m’booyeh!

by Brad Miller

When I travel, I always like to take some time to get pictures of the local wildlife. I grew up reading National Geographic, and it’s my small chance to live out a dream of being an adventure writer for them.

Usually, I try to pick something cute. A monkey, a puppy, something photogenic. But in the desert around Chambrun Haiti, there isn’t much cute.

What there are a lot of are lizards. In Creole, they are called M’booyeh.

And they are very skittish. Running away at the slightest approach, I knew I had found the perfect challenge.

I found this one sunning on a rock outside the preschool, a larger specimen and just perfect for a photo.

I walked by, feigning non-interest, to get to his good side. I crouched, and began slowly creeping up on him. He darted left, I leeeeaned left. He darted right, I leeeeeaned right. He perched on a rock and froze, staring me down.

I stared back, our eyes locked, predator and prey in the ancient dance of the photographer’s hunt. Slowly I raised my camera


Victory! I had conquered the mighty m’booyeh of the Haitian desert.

That’s right, I win. Booyah, m’booyeh.