Get Involved: Here’s How …


Spread the news about what God is doing at the Green Mango, and have a ton of fun doing it!  After all, who doesn’t like a party? Hosting a dinner party to advocate for the Green Mango can go a long way in spreading awareness and fundraising. It’s also a great opportunity to pray for the ministry and the trainees.

HBW_1000Step #1 – Invite guests. Bribe them with food. Easy.

Step #2 – Create a menu. We recommend the Green Mango Café cookbook for ideas.

Click  here to buy a copy.

Step #3 – Cook some food. You can’t go wrong with the Green Mango’s banana bread French toast!

Step #4 – Talk. This is a great chance for you and your friends to discuss Cambodia, issues like sex trafficking and the ways all of you can get involved with CGI.

Step #5 – Do stuff! Take action on the things you discussed. Give to CGI. Volunteer. Pray. Now’s the chance for you to get in the game.

Note: Don’t forget to tag The Center for Global Impact in photos of your event on Facebook. Have fun!

For more information, check out CGI’s dinner party suggestions



One of the simplest ways to get involved with the Culinary Training Center is to sponsor a girl.  Each student at the center learns English, math, and life skills during her training. She also receives a bicycle, a restaurant uniform, and a water filter for her family’s home. A month-long sponsorship for a trainee at the Green Mango is $250. Don’t have that kind of cash lying around? Think outside the box!

Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

1. Rally your Sunday school class, youth group, or Bible study to sponsor a girl together.
2. Run a good ol’ fashioned car wash.
3. Get the whole family involved! Sponsor with in-laws, kids, or siblings.
4. Throw a bake sale! Be sure to include banana bread, a Green Mango favorite.
5. Sell homemade pizzas.
6. On your birthday, ask for donations instead of personal gifts.
7. Do what you love. Run a 5k, hold a photography contest, play music…
8. Forget the lemonade and set up a smoothie stand.
9. See how much people will pay you to eat a tarantula.
10. Have a hundred Facebook friends? Ask everyone to donate $2.50.
11. Hot sunny day? Throw a community water balloon fight.
12. Own a café, restaurant, or coffee shop – or know someone who does? Organize a promotion that allots a portion of profits to sponsor girls at the Green Mango.

Want to be a monthly sponsor? Click here to donate:

Be sure to put “monthly sponsorship for CTC” in the comment box.