1. An Asallah Puja celebration with the Prime Minister of Cambodia in attendance. It’s a celebration honoring Buddha’s first teaching. Afterwards, monks enter a 3-month fast and are forbidden to leave at night.

2.02 JH- 5024 The main temple of Champous Ka’Ek is home to over 5000 Buddha statues. Deemed “super lucky” by many, it was originally built in 1875. This temple is the favorite of Cambodia’s Prime Minister.

03 JH- 49063. This is the main temple for daily prayer. Starting at 4am, all monks come to pray here several times a day.

04 JH- 49174. Champous Ka’Ek, the largest pagoda in Cambodia, is home to over 300 monks. This building, built in 1997, is the largest of several dormitories on campus.

05 JH- 4941

5. With over 300 monks to feed, this large building is a cafeteria for all monks and a dormitory for the youngest monks on campus. Monks fast 19 hours every day and only eat at 6 and 11 am.

06 JH- 46346. This “reclining Buddha” signifies tranquility and detachment from the desires of the world. The position of the right arm indicates the Buddha has died and has entered into Nirvana. People come here to remember their loved ones who have passed.

07 JH- 4687

7. During the Khmer Rouge genocide, Champous Ka’Ek was simply called prison site #080202. This is a memorial on campus with the remains of 1,800 victims inside.

08 JH- 39288. The temple’s primary school was used as a detention center during the genocide. 18,000 people were killed and placed in 85 burial pits on campus. A new school was eventually built to replace the original structure.