BDR_1109Prayer is one of the most important and effective ways you can get plugged in with what ALARM is doing in South Sudan. Consider joining ALARM’s prayer team and making prayer for their South Sudan staff a regular practice.

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god grew tired of us


Host a movie night! Invite friends over to watch God Grew Tired of Us or any other movie related to the issues facing South Sudan, and then host a discussion. This is a great chance to discuss this issue of WND Magazine and talk more about getting involved with ALARM.

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CLISS is in need of new financial supporters and monthly sponsors to ensure their students have the resources they need to succeed in the program. Think about it. You can play a part in the story of the next Gismala! Here are two ways how.

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$40 – Provide a high-quality study Bible for a CLISS student (please put “WND – CLISS Bible” in the designation field).

$175/mo. – Become a monthly sponsor for a CLISS student (please put “WND – CLISS Sponsorship” in the designation field).