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The political and economic capital of South Sudan, Juba is a bustling city situated on the banks of the White Nile. It’s also the headquarters of ALARM’s office in the country. Accurate population figures don’t exist, but recent estimates put the population at 300,000 people.

Simon Kuir (Jongle)    Abraham Tong (Warrap)Yei

Close to South Sudan’s border with the Democratic Republic of Congo, Yei was a major conduit for fleeing refugees during the civil war. Today, it is home to the Christian Leadership Institute of South Sudan (CLISS), where pastors from around the country come to be trained by ALARM.


The third-largest city in South Sudan, Wau is a strong economic hub for the country. ALARM uses Wau as a staging ground for its work in the rural north.


The small village of Lietnhom, like many in this part of the country, struggles with many issues of poverty and insecurity. However, because of the work of ALARM and their school, the Pastors Leadership Training Institute (PLTI), the village has begun to be transformed.