Photo by Brad Tucker

Photo by Brad Tuck


By Barry Rodriguez

“What could I possibly do?” Have you ever asked yourself that question? Hearing story after story of people traveling halfway around the world or starting non-profits or writing massive checks, it can seem like only the single or unattached or filthy rich can make a difference in the world.

But it’s not true. Not at all! In fact, as the story of one WND reader testifies, one person can make a huge impact globally without ever leaving their own hometown. Get a load of this:

Last fall our writers Jeff and Brooke were visiting a church in Iowa. They had a chance to share about WND and the work of our partner in Nepal, Tiny Hands International.

Photo by Robin Koskamp

Photo by Robin Koskamp

One of the people listening was Mark Forstrom, the youth pastor of New Covenant Bible Church in Cedar Rapids. He was so compelled to act after hearing about the work of Tiny Hands that he decided to do something pretty remarkable. He decided to run 50 miles.

That’s not a typo. For his 50th birthday, Mark pledged to run 50 miles straight (that’s like two full marathons back to back) and use the event as a fundraiser for Tiny Hands.

So, early on the morning of April 15, 2014, Mark set out on his long journey, backed up by a friend with supplies on a bike and others who joined him for stretches along the way.

Photo by Robin Koskamp

Photo by Robin Koskamp

Long story short, he did it. He finished his 50-mile journey with flying colors and raised seventeen thousand dollars in the process. That’s $17,000 pledged and counting. Money that Tiny Hands can now use to fight sex trafficking on the ground in Nepal. All because one man chose to use his passion for running as a force for good.

“What could I possibly do?” Well, for Mark Forstrom, his answer was “run.” So he ran. And look what God did with it!