JH 13904


Evangelical Christian Humanitarian Outreach for Cuba

By Brooke

EchoCuba exists to equip and strengthen the independent evangelical churches of Cuba through theological education and leadership training of their existing and future pastors.

Leadership and Education

• Church leadership training
• Seminary student sponsorships
• Equipping the church

Faith-Based Advocacy

• Religious freedom programming conceptualized and facilitated by Cubans
• Prayer, advocacy and financial support of existing and growing churches

JH 14608Increasing Christianity’s Impact

• Church building in remote areas
• Evangelistic programs

Humanitarian Aid Following Disasters

• Community kitchens
• Disaster supplies
• Home/church repairs

Mission Trips

• Linking North American travelers with churches throughout Cuba
• Reach Cuba: Hosting “Cuba Nights” at North American churches to introduce churches to their brethren in Cuba

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