A crash course in Cuban culture

By Jeff

Cuba is a colorful, laid-back, Caribbean island with a mix of 1950’s Russian, African, and Spanish influence. The people are incredibly friendly, intelligent, and talented. From cigars to dancing—it’s all there to stimulate our senses in a way that leaves us even more curious and fascinated.

Cuban cigars for sale in a cigar shop.Sounds great, right? So let’s put aside politics for a minute, and sit back, grab a mojito, and travel to Cuba!


Cuba’s climate and land are ideal for producing all the tobacco leaves necessary for making high quality cigars. Combined with some of the most skilled cigar rollers in the world, you have the makings of some of the finest cigars ever made!


If you put 11 million people on an island that has been influenced by African, European, and Caribbean culture, one thing is inevitable: music. Rumba & Son, Salsa, and Jazz… you never know what you’re going to hear in Cuba!

JH 19987smallClick here to watch a video of Rhumba dancers in Cuba!


Cuba has two forms of legal currency that fuel what many consider a dual economy. Locals use the Cuban Peso (CUP) and tourists use the Cuban Convertible Peso (CUC). The CUC is valued at 25 times that of the CUP, making unwary tourists prime targets to receive the wrong kind of “change.”


Two popular Cuban customs, dominos and a mojito.Leisure

Dominos and mojitos are two favorites of many locals on the island.






A barrel of the world famous Cuban RumRum

Cuban Rum is world famous and in abundance on the island. Its not unusual for drinks containing rum to be cheaper than soda.




The beaches of VeraderoBeaches

The beaches in Cuba are the main reason why three million tourists visit the island each year. Veradero Beach seen here is perhaps the most beautiful in Cuba.




Classic Cuban architecture seen in HavanaArchitecture

 The architecture found in Cuba is beautiful, eclectic, and weathered. This home in Havana is a great example.