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Truthseekers International is a Christ-Centered reconciliation movement committed to Spiritual and Social Freedom for India’s Oppressed. They are dedicated to creating equality for all people in India, regardless of caste, gender, or religion. Through the power of Christ, they seek to bring dignity, equality, and opportunity to all.

DSC_7603Dignity Rallies:

Truthseekers holds rallies among the lower caste and discriminated people of India. There, they wash the feet of people often labeled “untouchable” as a symbol of their dignity. Through speeches and songs, a message of equality and love is spread. At the end, an opportunity is given for people to “cut their cords” and sever the red threads worn around their wrists that symbolize their service to the caste system.

DSC_7165Grassroots Development:

Truthseekers works to mobilize and connect local communities. Hosting meetings between rural leaders and urban activists, connecting them to political and social leaders, and acting as both advocate and counselor, Truthseekers is working to not simply speak on behalf of the oppressed, but to give them a platform to speak for themselves.



As more communities reject the oppression of the caste system and oust their upper-caste priests, they are finding themselves without spiritual leaders for weddings, births, or funerals. Truthseekers is working to create Truth-bearers, a generation of servant-priests drawn from the most humble of professions, trained in Christ’s vision for community, and set loose to serve.



One of the greatest injustices in India is the lack of educational and economic opportunity for outcastes and women. Truthseekers sponsors schools that serve these at-risk populations. In slums and villages, education gives opportunities for a better future. For adults, Truthseekers is working to offer job-training skills, especially for women. This provides not only material help, but dignity as well, disproving the cultural message that these people are worthless.

Bible Translation:

One of the greater tragedies in India is the mistranslation of the Bible. The Hindi Bible was translated with the help of educated, upper-caste Indians. As a result, the language, symbols, and terms used are all upper-caste and utterly inaccessible to low-caste members of society. The God of the mistranslated Bible is their enemy.

Truthseekers is working to change this, and is funding a new translation of the gospels using terms accessible to all people. For the first time, low-caste members are hearing of a merciful, loving God whose message of hope applies to them.

Interesting Fact: It was while serving with Truthseekers in 2008 that the idea for World Next Door was born. An online social justice travel magazine?!? That’ll never get off the ground…

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