One of the more universal Indian treats is chai. This particular way of making tea is delicious and perfect for breakfast, lunch, mid-day, or evening. Chai-wallas, or tea-makers, can be found on roadsides and in markets everywhere in the country.

Not surprisingly, almost everyone has their own particular way of making chai, and different regions put emphasis on different ingredients. Winter recipes differ from summer recipes and northern blends from southern. But for Americans who want to try this amazing drink, the following recipe is a great place to start.

Ingredients for 8oz:

½ cup water
½ cup whole milk
1½ T loose-leaf tea
3 T sugar
2-4 shavings of ginger root
2 crushed cardamom seeds

Combine all ingredients except sugar, bring to a boil
Add sugar
Increase heat and let it “foam up” rising in the pot
Decrease heat (or remove from electric stove) to allow the foam to fall
Repeat the rise and fall at least 4 times (takes about 2-3 minutes)
Pour through strainer into cup