untouchablesUntouchables by Narendra Jadhav

Through the true story of one family’s rebellion from the caste system and struggle to survive, Narendra Jadhav leads the reader on a journey that reveals the struggles of low-caste men and women in modern society full of ancient prejudice. View on amazon.com



hindu 1Why I am not a Hindu by Kancha Illaiah

While the title may suggest an intellectual analysis or argument, the premise of the book lies in the simple idea that many tribes across India classified “Hindu” have no connection to Hinduism and in fact draw from their own rich ancestral traditions.  Through insights and observations drawn from his own village life, Kancha demonstrates the alienation and oppression many ordinary Indians suffer under a Hindu ruling class. View on amazon.com


debrahmanising historyDebrahmanising History by Braj Ranaj Mani

No discussion of the Indian caste system would be complete without mention of this book. This is a comprehensive analysis of the history and politics of caste society in India. But fair warning: this book is thick and not for the casual reader or faint-of-heart. But if you’re interested in taking your knowledge of the caste system to the next level, there’s no book better. View on amazon.com