African Leadership and Reconciliation Ministries


The Murambi memorial site

The Murambi memorial site


ALARM exists to empower the African church to impact the African continent
by developing and equipping leaders with skills and tools
to nurture and deepen the Christian faith
for the transformation and reconciliation of the African communities.


The vision of ALARM is a strong biblical church in Africa transforming and reconciling communities.


As a result of the 1994 genocide in Rwanda, 70% of Rwandan pastors were killed or forced into exile. The church was broken and traumatized with a lack of strong leadership. Bitterness between the Hutus and Tutsis was at an all-time high. From 1993-1996, Burundi and Congo were experiencing similar problems with no end in sight. Believing that hope for these countries lay in the local church, Rev. Dr. Celestin Musekura set out to do something for his people. He envisioned a renewed community of pastoral leadership, starting in his home country, Rwanda. Thus, in 1994 the idea for ALARM was born


Although the ministry was founded in Rwanda, war and other issues have weakened the church in Uganda and Southern Sudan as well, inspiring ALARM to expand its outreach. Today, ALARM operates in 8 countries in East and Central Africa: Rwanda, Uganda, Burundi, Kenya, Sudan, South Sudan, The Democratic Republic of Congo, and Tanzania. Their headquarters is in Nairobi, Kenya and they have a support office in the United States with liaison offices in the United Kingdom, Belgium, and France.


ALARM recognizes poor leadership, religious pluralism, tribalism and poverty as significant contributors to the decline of many African communities. For that reason, ALARM brings together three pillars in the name of Jesus Christ: developing servant leaders, reconciling relationships, and transforming communities. These three pillars work together to bring holistic change to their target areas.


Leadership development

ALARM equips men and women in each of their host countries to be servant leaders in their communities. Through pastoral training, leadership seminars and women’s empowerment groups, they seek to develop a new generation of leaders for the church.

Reconciling Relationships

Training programs and conferences put on by ALARM are aimed at equipping local leaders with much needed skills in peace building, conflict resolution, mediation, biblical forgiveness, reconciliation, human rights, trauma healing and social justice.

Transforming Communities

ALARM is committed to initiatives such as education, economic empowerment, human rights, and even basic needs such as food and health care. Through their work, many communities now have access to micro-finance initiatives, job skills training, primary/secondary schools and legal representation.