movie coverAs We Forgive Documentary

Directed by Laura Waters Hinson and narrated by Mia Farrow

This film is an award-winning documentary that follows the lives of four Rwandans—two genocide survivors and two perpetrators—whose stories intersect at the asking of this question: Will you forgive me? Documenting the step-by-step journey toward reconciliation and forgiveness, the film explores painful roadblocks many encounter in the process and the freedom of healing that inevitably follows.

Watch the trailer here:

book coverAs We Forgive: Stories of Reconciliation from Rwanda

Catherine Claire Larson

Inspired by the Award-winning film, the book delves deeper into the past and current lives of seven Rwandans—the four from the documentary, plus three more—as they journey along the long and painful road toward healing through forgiveness and reconciliation. The book demonstrates the power of faith, truth-telling, restitution and interdependence as bridges to hope and healing, while at the same time not ignoring the suffering, memories and painful cost. Anyone who reads will be inspired toward the freedom of forgiveness and reconciliation in their own lives.