in the bag_mainIn the Bag

I really didn’t want to haul it half way around the world. In fact, I wasn’t even going to take it until the night before I left. The fact is; neck pillows are a pain to pack.

But with the prospect of 24 hours of air travel ahead of me, I made the call. I found a few carabiner clips and attached the pillow to my already filled carry-on.

Best. Decision. Ever.

I not only used the neck pillow on the flight to Rwanda, it came in handy on all those long bus rides throughout the country as well. I even decided to try using my neck pillow at night and, sure enough, it provided me with the proper support while I slept. The constant headaches I’d been experiencing immediately disappeared.

I used the pillow every night following that realization. I even contemplated using it when I returned home. Sure, it may have been a hassle to attach it to my backpack, but I’m never leaving home without my neck pillow again!

-Jeff Hartman