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Jeff, Brooke, Celestin and I on a hillside overlooking Cyimbili Coffee Plantation.

From the Editor

By Barry Rodriguez

“Well, this is a first!

I’ve been saying that a lot about this issue.

For starters, it’s the first time we’ve done an issue with 100% new content. Everything you read in this month’s issue was captured, written and designed with our new digital format in mind. In just four months, we have fully transitioned to a completely new medium. Awesome!

But that’s not the only thing that’s new this month. It’s also the first time you, our readers, get to meet Jeff and Brooke Hartman, World Next Door’s newest year-long journalism fellows.

These two brave souls left perfectly good jobs to help us tell stories for a year. Jeff, a physical therapist by training, is also phenomenal photographer (just wait till you see his landscapes!). Brooke, trained in clinical social work and trauma counseling, brings a fresh and unique voice through her writing (seriously, it’s like you’re sitting there having coffee with her).

I think you are going to enjoy the stories they have for you.

But there is one more thing that’s new this time around. It’s the first time World Next Door has been to Rwanda. I was able to spend a couple of weeks there as Jeff and Brooke were getting settled in, and let me tell you… there isn’t another place like it in the world.

A horrific history. A mind-blowing recovery. Violence. Peace. A country once mired in genocide, now considered the model of African development. Turn the page and you’ll see… Rwanda is like nothing we’ve written about before.

New content. New writers. New locations. Like I said, there are a lot of firsts in this issue. So turn the page, dive in, and hear what God is doing with our newest partner ministry, ALARM (Oh! It’s the first time we’ve written about them, too. But come on. Nobody likes a four-point outline).


Barry Rodriguez
World Next Door