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$70-120 (depending on model)

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I’m a big reader. In fact, I usually have 4-6 books going at once: fiction, non-fiction, biographies, WND research, etc. Unfortunately, lugging a pile of books around the world isn’t practical (or fun). That’s why I use an e-reader every time I travel.

One device holds thousands of books, tracks all your highlights, and has a battery that lasts months at a time. Plus, if you run out of stuff to read, just hop on Wi-Fi and download some more! You can even “borrow” eBooks from the library for free. What’s not to love?


Most countries now have cell phone networks with 3G. If you have an unlocked smartphone, you can purchase a local SIM card, pop it in your device, and have Internet just like back home. You can even use your phone as a “mobile hotspot” to get your tablets, laptops, etc. online.

It may not always be very fast, but when you’re texting your dad from the northern desert of South Sudan or posting to Facebook from the middle of a volcanic lake in Guatemala, you’ll appreciate the fact that this world is getting smaller every day.

What NOT to pack

A 10 month supply of toiletries. Turns out, they sell shampoo everywhere.