By Barry Rodriguez

proezasProezas by Miel San Marcos

The students at Saber y Gracia love to worship. Many of their favorite songs can be found on the album Proezas by Miel San Marcos. No Monday chapel would be complete without the songs Los Muros Caerán and No Callaré, and the high school students at Campamento went wild for El Señor Es Mi Rey. Check out this album to get a taste of what God is doing in the school.

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Screen Shot 2014-06-19 at 3.56.16 PMInstagram – Lauren Pupchik

One of the ways to stay plugged in to the goings-on at Saber y Gracia is Lauren Pupchik’s hope-filled and inspiring Instagram feed. As a full-time teacher at the school, Lauren’s Instagram is chock full of adorable kids, transformed lives, and thought-provoking cultural tidbits. Start following today!

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