Become a CGI summer intern! In the past, summer interns have come to run kids camps as a way to build relationships in the community and open a door to share the gospel. CGI works with people to help them discover ways in which they can use their skills, networks and resources in creative ways, both in Cambodia and the US.

Quotes from past CGI interns:

“Working with CGI was a life changing experience. The people I met in Cambodia and had the privilege of working with forever changed my life and my perspective on things. I know things I learned there I will be trying to apply for the rest of my life.”

-Hannah Friskney

CGI Intern Clarissa Slagel

CGI Intern Clarissa Schlegel

“My experience gave me the opportunity to get my hands dirty… As long as we pursue this mission, messiness should not only be expected but also be encouraging for it was the broken who Jesus came for. My time with CGI empowered me to become a voice for the broken.”

-Clarissa Schlegel

CGI Intern Ashton

CGI Intern Ashton Davey

“My summer in Cambodia as an intern was incredibly formative for me. My worldview has been changed from experiencing how God is at work in other cultures.  Change happens through relationships, which can only be created by spending time together. Through relationships, both parties are equally learning from each other. The internship with CGI allowed me the opportunity to become friends with those I interacted with.”

–Ashton Davey