APT-53The Flood

Stunning images and the stories behind them

Photo by Anna Teeter

In Cambodia the torrential rain hits around the same time every afternoon.  The outdoor water basins begin to fill and the streets begin to flood.  Since living in Takhmau, I have seen our village flood many times.  My first experience with the flooding was my second day living in my new home.  The sky quickly turned an eerie shade of gray and desaturated blue and the rain began to pour.  Then, I heard playful screaming and laughing.

I looked out my window and saw what I believed to be every child in our village out playing in the water.  I grabbed my camera and ran for the door where I was confronted with about two feet of murky trash-water.  After a moment of hesitation about what flesh-eating bacteria I was about to acquire, out I went.  Kids were playing, “swimming,” and having water fights as their mothers swept water out of their previously clean homes.  I was trudging through the water and taking pictures when I saw this little boy take off for the other end of the valley.  I quickly turned and got my shot.