Photo by Brad Miller

Photo by Brad Miller

by Brad Miller

Oasis Bangladesh is committed to creating an all-inclusive community where every person is free to reach their God-given potential. In 2004, they founded the Duaripara Family Project to advance this mission in the Duaripara Slum in Dhaka.

Through school support, life skills training, and community engagement, Duaripara Family Project is working to empower young women and guide them to a better future.

School Support

After-school programs and catch-up programs help ensure a bright future for over 120 girls.

Life Skills Training

Oasis Bangladesh provides training in hygiene, nutrition, and HIV/AIDS prevention as well as economic and financial planning skills. Increasing awareness of issues surrounding early marriage and human rights helps protect girls and families.

Community Engagement

The Duaripara Family Project works directly with parents and community members to help alleviate family conflict, violence, drugs, and early marriage. They also connect parents to economic resources, and counsel them on the value of keeping their girls in school.

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