barry headshotLook down at the shirt you’re wearing. Or your pants. I’m serious! Take a look. See if you can find any stitching, where two pieces of fabric are joined. Have you ever thought about the fact that another human being – someone alive in this world – did that?

It’s true. Almost every single piece of clothing we wear was made in a garment factory somewhere in the world.

It’s easy for me to forget how often my life touches the lives of people halfway around the globe. Because my possessions seem to begin their lives on a store shelf or cardboard box from Amazon, I rarely remember that the story of my stuff goes back much, much farther.

My jeans were stitched. My electronics were assembled. My books were bound. My life is connected to the laborers who made them, even if I never see them firsthand.

That’s why this issue of World Next Door Magazine has me so excited. Through these stories and photos, we get a chance to actually meet people at the other end of the process. Through Brad’s investigative storytelling, we get to see what life is like inside a Bangladeshi garment factory, and we get to meet an organization working hard to bring dignity and life to a very difficult place.

Since editing this issue, I’ve already become far more aware about the origin of the things I take for granted. I find myself checking tags to see where clothes were made. I pause to consider the significance of “Made in China” labels that I simply overlooked before.

Long story short, my perspective on the world has changed. And I hope yours will as well. So let’s dive in, turn the page, and travel to Bangladesh, a nation connected to ours far more than we ever realized before.

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