Photo by Brad Miller

Photo by Brad Miller

Change-Jar Challenge!

You can give back, learn about where your clothes come from, and have a great reminder to pray all in one simple activity! Follow these 6 simple steps for 6 months and see the change it makes in you.

1. Go through the clothes in your closet, check the labels and see what countries they are from. Make a list.

2. Collect glass jars or clear plastic bottles. Label each one with a country from your list. Optional: label jars by continent instead of country.

3. For every shirt, add 50 cents to jar for its country of origin. For pants, skirts, and dresses add 1 dollar.

4. Whenever you buy a new clothing item, be sure to add some change to its jar.

5. Watch as your jars fill up and use them as a reminder to pray for those who help make our clothing.

6. When the jars are full, donate the money you’ve set aside to organizations promoting education and development in each country. For Bangladesh, we recommend Oasis Bangladesh. For other countries, you can start by looking here.

Note for Parents: This is a very simple activity to help get your always-growing kids thinking globally!

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Photo by Brad Miller

Photo by Brad Miller

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