1. Cupcake Girls Office

A CCG meetingLocated approximately two miles off the strip, the Cupcake Girls office is where it all happens. Meetings, trainings, orientation, special events, and support groups all take place in this tiny, fashionable office.




2. Las Vegas Blvd (The Strip)

An empty stripLocated just south of the Las Vegas city limits, the world famous Las Vegas Blvd is home to 4.2 miles of extravagance and big dreams. Located just a block or two off the strip is where you can find the Cupcake Girls delivering cupcakes and love in the clubs.




3. Nye County

JH-10482West of Las Vegas lies the only county in the US where brothels are legal. The Cupcake Girls travel long hours into the Mojave Desert to bring cupcakes and love to the women working here.