The logo seen on all cupcake boxesThe Cupcake Girls deliver over 550 cupcakes per month to strip clubs and brothels in Las Vegas and Portland. That’s over 6,600 cupcakes a year.
You could sponsor one of those cupcakes or even an entire case!

Mini-Cupcake $27
1 Cupcake $47
Baker’s Dozen $497
Cupcake Case $2,997

What’s in a cupcake? Coffee dates, beauty supplies, emergency needs, support groups, trainings and more.

Click here to learn more about operation costs.

Click to donate to the Las Vegas Cupcake Girls.

Click to donate to the Portland Cupcake Girls.


Donated hairspray the CCG handout.If you live in Las Vegas or Portland, time is one of the greatest gifts you can offer. Learn more about the different Cupcake Girls volunteer teams here:

If you are a doctor, dentist, lawyer, mechanic, hair stylist, therapist, or expert in your profession who lives in Las Vegas or Portland, the Cupcake Girls would love to talk to you about being part of their pro bono team and contributing to spa events.

The first step in joining a volunteer or pro bono team is to apply! Click here to fill out a volunteer application!


Cupcakes decorated in preparation for the clubsA dream of the Cupcake Girls is to exist in every major city in America. How about initiating the paperwork to found a Cupcake Girls’ branch in your city?! Email if you’re interested!