Paul, one of our trek’s guides

Paul, one of our trek’s guides

Nepal Outdoor Adventures

When I think of Nepal, I immediately picture mountains—doesn’t everyone? I have been fascinated with them as long as I can remember. The Himalayas are the tallest and fastest growing mountains in the world. So when my wife and I started planning our 6-week WND assignment in Nepal, we knew we needed to do a trek.

I had heard of a grassroots trekking ministry in Nepal called Nepal Outdoor Adventures (NOA), so I did some research. A trekking ministry? Involved in church planting? We were very intrigued.

I contacted the founder, Hom Tamang, before we arrived and learned more about his passion for Nepal and his vision for the company. His philosophy and vision was much bigger than himself and very different from anything I had come across in the trekking industry of Nepal. Many trekking companies are focused solely on making money, but Hom had a much bigger vision.

Hom told me about his company’s dual purpose: to demonstrate God’s awe and wonder through guided trekking in the Himalayas, and to change the social landscape of Nepal. Everyone involved with NOA believes that while Nepal may be one of the most stunningly beautiful places on earth, there is still a lot of darkness in the form of poverty and spiritual emptiness. They fervently believe the Gospel is needed in Nepal to change lives and offer hope to all people. That’s why all proceeds of the trekking company go to Young Life activities, youth ministry programming, and church planting in Nepal. Wow!

In addition, Hom explained, for every 10 trekkers they guide, one full-time youth worker can be employed for a year. NOA believes the best people to reach a culture are the people of that culture. This business empowers Nepali youth workers to stay in their community and reach the next generation of leaders for Christ.

NOA works hard to ensure trekkers see the beauty of Nepal and the wonders of God’s creation, but more importantly, they live and work with a sense of urgency to glorify God and to change Nepal through the proceeds of the company. It is indeed refreshing to find, in an industry often known for greed and competition, a company dedicated to the hope of the kingdom of God!


Hom Tamang
Nepal Outdoor Adventures
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