Digging Deeper

by Brooke Hartman

Terrify No More by Gary Haugen

terrify no more

Terrify No More

Written by International Justice Mission president and founder Gary Haugen, this book gives both an inside look at the logistics of the trafficking business and rescues by IJM, but also serves as an inspiring rallying cry for Christians to wake up and join the fight. The highlighted notes in my Kindle could comprise an entire book in themselves with powerful and compelling thoughts, quotes and perspectives. I am no longer able—nor do I have an excuse—to sit on the sidelines anymore.

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God in a Brothel by Daniel Walker

God in a Brothel cover

God in a Brothel

Based on the premise that God is already in and familiar with the happenings and women in the brothels, this book gives a unique inside look at the spiritual warfare between trafficking and its undercover investigations.  It lists the issues and facts, and gives an honest depiction of the author’s struggles in the daily ongoing fight for justice.

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